Walmart Workers Workit: a Retail Giant, a Movement, an App

While Walmart uses tech to further exploit its workers, workers are using it to fight right back.

This post is part of a series of zines that Free Radicals presented at Tiny Tech Zines on August 11, 2019. To see other zines in the series, click HERE.


Since its inception, Walmart has prioritized profits at the expense of its associates’ wellbeing. However, since 2011, Walmart associates have been harnessing worker power and technology to fight back and win major victories.

This double sided zine tells two stories of Walmart and tech. One side tells the story of Walmart and its worker exploitation, from the vision implemented by Sam Walton, Walmart’s founder, to Walmart’s present day expansion into online retail to compete with Amazon. The other side celebrates the historic victories of Walmart associates organizing with United for Respect and how the development of an app called WorkIt changed the digital organizing landscape.

Download a free PDF of the zine HERE, or purchase a hard copy of the zine HERE (with all proceeds going to United for Respect)! (If you download the free PDF, consider making a donation to United for Respect HERE).

You can also click HERE to get more involved and learn more about the incredible organizing happening by United for Respect.

You can also host a watch party of the documentary Dear Walmart to learn more about this powerful movement. Visit this page for more information on the film and on how to host a watch party!

Without further ado, here’s the zine!

Side One: Walmart and Worker Exploitation


Side Two: Workit and Worker Organizing


Download PDF of “Walmart Workers Workit”

Purchase hardcopy zine of “Walmart Workers Workit” (all proceeds will go to United for Respect)


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