The Radical’s Survival Guide to Adventures in Cryptoland: Can Cryptocurrencies Save Us All?

Spoiler alert: no big surprise here.

This post is part of a series of zines that Free Radicals presented at Tiny Tech Zines on August 11, 2019. To see other zines in the series, click HERE.

In this 8-page zine (plus front & back cover), you’ll find a radical’s perspective on whether cryptocurrencies will help us pave a road to liberation… or further deepen the void. Can a decentralized digital currency free us all or will it replicate and exacerbate current systems of inequity under capitalism?

Print copies are available at


[3] Watch “The Insufferable Whiteness of Being” here.

Anna Khatt is a non-binary dragon of all trades whose political convictions are best described by her D&D alignment of chaotic good. You can't find her in the office, but you can find her in the studio throwing clay, on the mats training jiu-jitsu, or in the lab... of the musical variety, mixing self-acclaimed classics. She tutors in languages & sciences by day, and coordinates workshops & events for Free Radicals by night.