Thanks to you, we crushed our crowdfunding goal and raised $4114 dollars! Your contributions will allow us to organize workshops, pay content creators, produce educational materials, cover outreach costs, purchase equipment, and much much more! Additionally, by reaching our first stretch goal, we raised enough money for a whole year of radical, perspective-changing events!

A big thanks to all of these wonderful people who donated to help us make a science that is more accountable, more intersectional, and more just!!! If you didn’t get the chance to contribute this time, you can donate to Free Radicals by clicking the button below!

Alex Bell
Alex Willia
Andrea Diaz
Andrew Alexander
Angela Bi
Angela Hu
Asiyahola Sankara
Bianca Shiu
Brian Nguyen
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Calvin Kuo
Chistopher Song
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Eli Omernick
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Gray Wielebinski
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Ian Byers Gamber
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Zuoyue Wang


We’re the only organization out there that’s bringing a political education on science out of the ivory tower and into the hands of the public in a way that is accessible, accountable, and intersectional.


1) Organize Workshops!
Because IRL events, like school workshops and teach-ins, are awesome places to bring together folks invested in both science and social justice, AND to teach folks new things about both. These events often require things like funds to print and purchase workshop materials and travel costs.

2) Pay Content Creators!
Because the labor of artists and writers isn’t (and shouldn’t be) free. We would like to be able to pay all of the artists who create header images for our pieces, as well as folks who submit content pieces for our site!

3) Produce Educational Materials!
Because we want to make even more things like workshop curricula, future zines/books, training guides, etc on how science and social justice are related!

4) Cover Outreach Costs!
Because we’d like to reach more scientists and social justice folks out there, and most ways to do that effectively require some investment of not only time but funding as well!

5) Purchase Equipment!
Because we’re hoping to make more awesome multimedia materials for our blog, and this will help us get the equipment like cameras, software, and tech equipment to make that possible!