Free Rads Plays

by Art Li, Kevin Wang, and Linus Kuo

Introducing Free Rad Plays! A let’s play series where we play games with folks close to science to explore intersection of science and social justice and how games can be tools for social change. Come join us on our youtube channel to see episode one and for series updates.

October 31st, 2016

In our inaugural series, we perform open surgery in Surgeon Simulator by Bossa Studios and talk with Kevin Wang about his experience in Medical School. We discuss the pros and cons of the current medical education, how new technology like VR can be used in medicine, and help our patient Bob live to see another another day… maybe.

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A HUGE shoutout to Keshy Jeong for illustrating and animating the intro sequence, featured at the end of the promo video above. Check out and support their art at