Practicing the Future: Journeys Through Science Fiction and Justice

What can we create when radical speculative fiction becomes our teacher?

This post is part of a series of zines that Free Radicals presented at Tiny Tech Zines on August 11, 2019. To see other zines in the series, click HERE.


How do we sustain hope in the face of seemingly intractable problems without glossing over them? How do we move beyond criticism to imagine alternatives to oppressive systems? Where do we go from here?

Radical speculative fiction gives us tools to start approaching these questions. From feminist science fiction to Afrofuturism to indigenous speculative fiction, there are long traditions outside of traditional science fiction that ask us to reimagine our relationship to pasts and futures, and explore not only technological also social transformation. This comic follows the author’s personal journey growing up with traditional sci-fi and discovering radical speculative fiction, asking what sci-fi can teach us as it jumps between science fiction worlds (literally!).

Digital and print copies of the book can be ordered at, and dri can be reached on Twitter at @plant_a_dri!


Practicing the Future













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dri chiu tattersfield is a nonbinary physics teacher who can usually be found laying in patches of grass or attempting to farm. things they are currently thinking about include the role of imagination in community organizing. they love writing poetry, doodling and combining the two into comics, and would love to meet u !