7 Free Radicals Editor’s Picks of 2017

In celebration of Free Radicals second anniversary, we look back at our favorite pieces from 2017.

1. Free Radicals Word of the Year

Sciencewashing the Neighborhood

science washing

Sometimes we need to create new words to describe the ever-changing phenomenons happening around us. We describe how not just art, but also science, is pushing forward rapid gentrification in our neighborhoods.

2. Best Explanation Of Decolonizing Science

Hood Biologist Explains How to Decolonize All the Science


Let’s face it, ‘decolonizing science’ is trendy af. But what the heck does it actually mean? Shay Akil McLean of Decolonize All the Things gives us his take.

3. Most Outdoorsy

Environmental Experiences Have Racial Roots

FR Environmental Experiences Racial Roots_Final 1

Who gets to be outdoorsy? Are people of color just not that into the outdoors or is there something else going on? Sue Pierre takes us inside the history of who gets to access nature.

4. Curiouser and Curiouser!

The Consequences of Curiosity


What could be so wrong with curiosity? Here we take a look at the surprising ethical minefield that is curiosity-driven science.

5. Most Objective Comic (Still)

Science Under the Scope

Objectivity of My Affection Title

The most fun and accessible take down of scientific objectivity you’ll ever read. Journey with comic artist Sophie Wang on the endlessly engaging and adorable mining journey that will never let you think about science the same way again!

6. Best Comeback Story

A Radical Science Movement Rises Again


The ’70s are in again! Get your scientist-activist inspo from the little known history of the Science for the People movement and the current revitalization efforts today.

7. Most Revolutionary Science Conference

Zapatistas Reimagine Science as Tool of Resistance


A revolutionary… science conference? We know it sounds weird, but if there was anyone that could put science at the forefront of the resistance it would be the Zapatistas.