Free Rads Reads

An open book with the text “Free Radicals Reads” across its pages; the word “Reads” is under a magnified glass with a worm perched upon the handle. “Freading Frainbow” appears in cloud shaped font across the rainbow colored sides of the book’s pages. Illustration by Keshy Jeong.

Although we write stuff for you to read, we read too!

Sharing resources and readings is one of the biggest ways that we self-educate. Free Radicals Reads is a way for us to share some of that with you. In Free Radicals Reads you will find some of our personal recommendations and a few words about why they are worth checking out.

We also want to hear from you–have you read/heard/seen anything you want to recommend to other Free Rads readers? If so, let us know here and we can feature it in the next edition of Free Rads Reads.

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