Science Under the Scope

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Below is a list of each entry in the ‘Science Under the Scope’ series by Sophie Wang:

  • Science Under the Scope - In this new comic series, explore with us how science isn't always just what we're taught in school. This week: Why am I writing a comic series about science and social justice in the first place? Are they even connected?
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 1 - In this week's comic: Objectivity is super important to science! So what IS objectivity, and why is it important? And what does it purport to do?
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 2: Objective Boogaloo - Last time, we learned that objectivity helps us do some pretty cool stuff. This week: what are the dangers of objectivity?
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 3: Who is Digging? - This week, we dive into the first big question that affects scientific objectivity: who’s represented in science? Or, in the context of our mine metaphor, who’s digging? Why is this important to objectivity? Read on to find out!
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 4: We Have to Dig Deeper - How can more diverse representation in science make a better objectivity, which in turn makes a better science? The answer lies in the concept of strong objectivity. Just what is strong objectivity? Find out in this week’s section of Science Under the Scope!
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 5: Where are we Digging? - The science that we do is determined by the questions that we ask. But what are the questions that we ask determined by?
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 6: Historical Locatedness - By Sophie Wang Now that we’ve covered cultural and community locatedness, what about that tricky third one – historical locatedness?  How is our science affected by our historical context? And what does that have to do with objectivity?
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 7: Who Benefits? - By Sophie Wang So far, we’ve talked about how “science” in the abstract is a totally not neutral thing. But what about the concrete results of science? Doesn’t everyone benefit equally from those? Well…not quite. Find out how and why in this next section of Science Under the Scope!
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 8: Who Benefits? Pure Science Edition - By Sophie Wang The “pure” sciences – sciences that exist primarily to tell us more about the world we live in – can be easily seen as apolitical. But as you probably suspect by now, they’re definitely not! How are the benefits of discovery-based science unequally distributed? Read on to find out.
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 9: Who Benefits? Industry Edition - By Sophie Wang Okay, so we’ve covered how the benefits of the products of science aren’t really equally distributed. But there’s one more part of science that we can’t forget about – the industry itself. Who benefits from the economics of scientific research?
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 10: Who Is Harmed? - By Sophie Wang Science isn’t all microwaves and corn – it also has the power to facilitate harm. So what are the ways that science harms? And what’s the one thing that those communities harmed most often have in common? Keep reading. PS – No kittens were harmed in the making of this comic.
  • The Objectivity of My Affection Pt. 11: Whose Knowledge? - By Sophie Wang Why did “modern” science arise in Europe? And if other sciences were once so powerful, what happened to them?