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Taylin Im is a 22-year old queer 2.5 generation Korean American medical student interested in deconstructing the intersections of science, religion, gender & sexuality, and social justice. She recently graduated from college with a degree in Health and Human Biology. Favorite pastimes include piano performance, talking about religious studies, questioning gender roles, and eating avocados. Her dream job is to be in a radical band or to be a food critic.



Works by Taylin Im

  • Not All Movements Are Loud - by Taylin Im
  • A New Way to Make Humans: GMO Babies and Gucci Kids - By Taylin Im Are designer babies the future of genetic modification technology? Some of the ways we use this technology can save countless lives by eliminating cancer and disease – but at what cost?
  • Let’s Get Something Straight - By Taylin Im LGBT people shouldn’t be the only ones questioning their identities. Learn how the history of heterosexuality (and homosexuality) still influences fields like scientific research and medicine today and why it’s still causing problems.
  • On Belief, Invalidation, and Social Justice - The pursuit of justice through “just” science requires a deeper look into its complicated history and relationship with religion. Should science be faith-based or should faith be scientifically founded? Or neither? Perhaps religion has more of an influence on science than we’d like to admit. We’ll be exploring some of the effects this exchange has on society and how science and faith can work together for social justice.