A People’s History of Outer Space

by Kelly Park

A digital illustration of a figure looks out through a window into a dark sky filled with stars. The window appears to be made of several layers, each signifying a different interpretation of outer space, that must be cut through to reveal the galaxies. Artwork by Iris Jong: http://www.irisjong.com/

With the release of the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise, we turn our gaze once again towards space, the final frontier. Outer space has played host to many opposing forces throughout our history, with different institutions claiming ownership at different times. How can these narratives help inform a more liberatory version of the universe in which everyone, not just the privileged few, can live long and prosper?

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Memoirs of a Grant Writer: Uncovering the Military-Academic-Industrial Complex

Uncovering the Military-Academic-Industrial Complex
by Alexis Takahashi

Three ‘golden triangles’ are shown overlaid with images of money, a war tank, and a graduation cap respectively. Together, these represent the ‘golden triangle’ of the military-academic-industrial complex. Artwork by Alexa Fishman

What is the military-academic-industrial complex and how does it affect our science and our politics? Find out as we explore the inner workings of the Ivory Tower and its militarized past.

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