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Sasha Karapetrova is a solar engineer, commercially-licensed driver, extremophile lover, and best friend. When brain space isn’t dedicated to queering gender performativity, transnationalism, and all things molecular biology related, Sasha loves frolicking in rural Russian fields, visiting museums in the snowy Eastern Sierra, and skating down the street to play pick-up soccer in Chicago’s Jackson park. Catch Sasha doing more Baba Yaga witchcraft on the gram @sashawasha23!

Works by Sasha Karapetrova

  • Free Rads Reads - Although we write stuff for you to read, we read too! Sharing resources and readings is one of the biggest ways that we self-educate. Free Radicals Reads is a way for us to share some of that with you. In Free Radicals Reads you will find some of our personal recommendations and a few words … Continue reading Free Rads Reads
  • Swimming in Chemical Soup - by Sasha Karapetrova The harmful chemicals that are all around us (whether we like it or not).
  • Swipe for Science - by Sasha Karapetrova A comprehensive review of smartphone apps… for science!
  • Western Pesticides Rush the New East’s Stage as the Iron Curtain Still Falls - By Sasha Karapetrova Although Western countries have banned the use of toxic pesticides within their own borders, they continue to profit from their sale in other countries. What are the consequences of environmental reform efforts that only guarantee health for a select few?