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Kelly Jiyoon Park is a medical student and science fiction enthusiast based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about reproductive rights, mental health literacy in immigrant communities, and not actively contributing to the medical industrial complex. In her free time, she enjoys choral singing and having strong feelings about social justice, books, and the internet.



Works by Kelly Park

  • Transformative Justice and Healing (part 3/3) - Featuring Kelly Park, Andy Su, and Jaden Fields How can the ideas of transformative justice be applied to the medical industrial complex (MIC) to bring healing to oppressed peoples? In the last two episodes, we discuss ways the MIC prioritizes profit over healing and actively harms people. This episode, we invite our friend Jaden Fields to … Continue reading Transformative Justice and Healing (part 3/3)
  • A People’s History of Outer Space - by Kelly Park With the release of the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise, we turn our gaze once again towards space, the final frontier. Outer space has played host to many opposing forces throughout our history, with different institutions claiming ownership at different times. How can these narratives help inform a more liberatory version … Continue reading A People’s History of Outer Space
  • Profit Over People: MIC 101 (part 1/3) - Featuring Kelly Park, Andy Su, and Albert Liu What is the medical industrial complex, and how does it control everything from medical training to patient care? In this first episode of our podcast series, we’ll explore the various ways “ethical medicine” is a misnomer as long as profit is prioritized over healing.
  • Learning (In)Humanity - by Kelly Park Preaching empathy in medical school is profoundly ineffective when detached from lessons of social justice. If students can be trusted to dissect human bodies, they should be challenged to critically examine their relationships to structural inequality.