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The Case of Professor Xiaoxing Xi: Scapegoating Immigrants as National Security Threats



Our first event in the Free Radicals series: Free Radicals Reacts! Free Radicals is attending a talk with Professor Xiaoxing Xi, hosted by Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (! Professor Xi is the latest in a group of Chinese American scientists are wrongly accused of being scientific spies–a product of racist scapegoating.

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Freerads @ UCLA



Science is often portrayed as an objective and neutral discipline, disconnected from the emotions and biases of both scientists and society. Scientists are pretty attached to this idea of neutrality, as it’s seen as a necessary part of finding the “truth”…but is there really just one truth for any of our questions? What factors affect what we deem “truth” (and even what questions we ask)? And how does objectivity relate to this all?

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