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Art Li is an aspiring high school biology teacher who is still struggling through the personal and political contradictions between science and community-based work. He is interested in making scientific knowledge more accessible to communities that are either shut out of or disinterested in traditional scientific institutions. When he is not suffering from a bout of twenty-something-year-old ennui, he likes to play video games and eat food. Art is currently working an unfulfilling day job to pay his bills while volunteering with API-focused organizations in LA to feed his dying soul. ಥ_ಥ


Works by Art Li

  • Free Rads Reads - Although we write stuff for you to read, we read too! Sharing resources and readings is one of the biggest ways that we self-educate. Free Radicals Reads is a way for us to share some of that with you. In Free Radicals Reads you will find some of our personal recommendations and a few words … Continue reading Free Rads Reads
  • Free Rads Plays - by Art Li, Kevin Wang, and Linus Kuo Introducing Free Rad Plays! A let’s play series where we play games with folks close to science to explore intersection of science and social justice and how games can be tools for social change. Come join us on our youtube channel to see episode one and for … Continue reading Free Rads Plays
  • Can GMOs Solve Hunger? GMO Science and Societal Safety Part 2 - by Art Li GMOs are highly contentious for their presumed unhealthiness and danger to humans. However, what impacts do GMOs have in non-biological ways? Is it possible for GMOs to address social issues like world hunger, or are they being exploited to preserve the agricultural industry machine?
  • The Words We Use - by Art Li Science language is simultaneously revered and loathed for its complexity and perceived inaccessibility. The language of social justice, on the other hand, is valued for its ability to put words to the personal and political. What can the two forms of language learn from one another, and what failures of communication  in … Continue reading The Words We Use
  • GMO Science, Safety, and Societal stuff! Part 1 - by Art Li GMOs are highly contentious for their presumed unhealthiness and danger to humans, and also for their questionable role in sustaining large agri-businesses and the economic frameworks they uphold. What does science say about GMO tech, and how does it intersect with the role of GMOs on the global market?
  • The Sad Story of How I Fell Out of Love with Science - Science is an intriguing field of study, but many are pushed out of the discipline for a variety of systematic and structural reasons. Specifically in higher education, established systems of teaching science can alienate students. How can science be redefined in a more honest, accountable, and engaging way?
  • MSG – Monosodium Glutamate or Mostly Socialized Garnish - by Art Li MSG sits at an intersection between scientific and political understandings of food. Learn more about MSG and its history of use, and how both science and social factors influence to foods we consume.