About Free Radicals

We are a collective of citizen-scientists on a mission to include a critical social justice lens into science. As the core members, we are activists from a variety of academic backgrounds. To learn more, contact us at: freeradicalsblog@gmail.com

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Vision Statement

We envision an open and responsible science that works toward progressive social change.

Mission Statement

The mission of Free Radicals is threefold: Accessibility, Political Education, and Social Change


Increase access to scientific knowledge by:

  • Reducing the use of technical language and defining technical terms
  • Making scientific findings and technology more available and open to people outside of academic science

Political Education

Develop a collective political education about the structure and biases of science by:

  • Exploring the historical, political, and cultural context of science
  • Challenging assumptions about the ‘objectivity’ and supremacy of Western science
  • Examining the relationship between Western science and systems of inequality

Social Change

 Invest in social change by:

  • Creating new resources that critique and expand ideas about the purpose and goals of science
  • Building and supporting scientific research projects led by and for marginalized communities
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